Jim Caldwell

I am relatively new to this site, and have only been posting for a few weeks. I'm happy that I found it, considering I now go to school in Kentucky and am surrounded by Bengals or Titans fans. Its nice to be able to talk with Colts fans. I'm sure this post has already been addressed after Dungy retired, but I was curious with everyones initial thoughts on Caldwell. We have yet to see him as our head coach, but I really like him so far. It seems like he is going to do great things in Indy. He already said he plans on making the defense bigger (but not abandoning the Tampa 2). I realize things went wrong last year with Ed Johnson, but it seemed like our D was getting smaller every year. We were getting pushed off the line badly. He also brought in our new special teams coach, which I thought was great. Special teams hurt us badly. I really liked the move to bring in Coyer as well. In my opinion, he will be a very tough coach, but one who the players like as well. In my opinion, Caldwell will be the kind of coach who often sleep in his office, and will make sure the Colts keep winning.

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