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Stampede Blue Week In Review: New faces, Bills fans, and draft mania

Since we have several writers now, it sometimes helps to have a quick links dump with content recapping the week that was. Content can be articles written by our writers, FanPosts, FanShots, or an interesting comment. Sometimes, I'll even through in some hate mail. Even in the off-season, which for football fans is very long, there is always something to blog about:

Funny hate mail of the week:

So I googled T.O and somehow your article came up. I stopped reading it about a third into it. You said were he goes they lose, well what about the Eagles and Cowboys, they won when he was there. When he's on a roster then win many more than they lose. Your a f&*ing idiot and I love it. One more article I can point out to people to show how stupid some reporters are. You make ESPN look like experts. Thanks for your help!!!! Have you ever noticed how a lot of hookers and whores were molested as children and that seems to make them they way they are? Well, I need to ask you.....Were you molested or sexually abused as a child? If so i'm sorry.........

Have a good weekend everyone! Go Colts!