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Colts interested in free agent linebacker Adam Seward

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Yes I know what you are thinking? WHO? Just like last year with free agent defensive end Tyler Brayton, the Colts are looking at a relative unknown free agent player who might be able to come in (at the right price) and contribute. Adam Seward has played all his four pro years in Carolina. He left Carolina on less than good terms with John Fox and the coaches:

Nobody wants out of Carolina more than Seward, who is frustrated over being deactivated for most of the second half of the season by Fox. He wanted to sign with New England last year and in a few weeks he’ll be free to go where he wants as an unrestricted free agent.

He backed up Jon Beason at middle linebacker in Carolina, and by all accounts from Jaxon at CSR, Seward seems like a decent linebacker. The Patriots did expressed a great deal of interest in him last year. Even Seward himself was amazed New England was interested in him:

"It was kind of crazy to see a team like New England, who everybody views as the gurus of scouting, who do such a great job of bringing in late-round picks and free agents and turning them into superstars, come calling," said Seward, who was flown in by the Patriots for a visit. "It was a tremendous honor."

In the end, the Patriots did not sign Seward. He re-signed with Carolina for another year, and now he is a free agent. At 6'2, 250 pounds, he is a much bigger LBer than the Colts are accustomed to.