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Luke Links: St. Patrick's Day edition



If you're drinking tonight, be safe, AND DON'T DRIVE DRUNK.  Be smart and get a DD ftlog.  Cheers!

  • The Jaguars cut WR Jones.  Good riddance!
  • McDaniels makes himself look like a boob, Cutler wants to be traded.
  • Giants' Plaxico Burress appears to be screwed; no show at workouts.
  • The Colts may be playing in Toronto.  Eh?
  • The Packers match Titans offer for CB Bush.
  • For some reason, Steve Wyche thinks the Jaguars, Packers, Bucs, Chargers, and Seahawks are going to "rebound" next season.  Maybe he didn't get the memo about the Jaguars being completely OVERRATED and losing half of their starters (hacks).  Green Bay changed defensive schemes to a 3-4 and need to completely rebuild their defense.  The Bucs aren't the Bucs anymore.  He was right about the Chargers and Seahawks though.  The Chargers are going to be pretty good next season, easily winning the AFC West with Merriman returning.  The Seahawks just had a bad year.  Too many injuries, too little time.  I expect them to compete with both the Niners and Cards for the AFC West title.
  • The Steelers add some LB depth.
  • The Patriots just signed about 100 free agents.
  • And in a genius move, the Patriots are speculated to be going after Julius Peppers.  It's a genius move because it's the Patriots.  Everything Belichick does is unfathomably intelligent and calculated, even though I'm sure half of the league is looking to sign him as well.  (INSERT EYEROLL HERE)
  • Enjoy your suspension Marshawn Lynch.
  • Thomas Jones wants a new contract.  Good luck with that.
  • PJ Hill arrested on DUI charge.  Congratulations on ruining your draft stock!
  • Donte Stallworth is apparently screwed.
  • The Ravens may be interested in OT Orlando Pace.
  • The Saints agreed to terms with Paul Spicer.
  • I just heard John Clayton on Mike and Mike say that he thinks Cutler will be traded.  I wonder how long before Broncos fans are chanting FIRE MCDANIELS!
  • Terrance Newman thinks Jessica Simpson makes Romo a bad QB.  How about you worry about yourself Newman?  If your team didn't fold like a lawnchair in crunch time you wouldn't even be having this discussion.  Your problems stem from that idiot owner, not Romo.
  • The Bengals are eyeing my boy Rashad Jennings.  HANDS OFF!
  • The NFLPA finally hired a replacement for Upshaw.