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Colts re-sign OT Dan Federkeil

Colts sign-up a restricted free agent for, at least, another year:

The Indianapolis Colts have re-signed offensive lineman Dan Federkeil.

The 290-pound Federkeil has played in 22 games in three seasons with Indianapolis, including three starts last year at right guard. He also played as a reserve at right tackle and on special teams.

I'm actually very happy about this. Federkeil is a very nice utility player to have. He works hard, can play multiple o-line positions, and always does a solid job. But, if things go well, he will not be starting this year at all. If Mike Pollak does not out-and-out win the starting OG spot, he is a bust as a second round pick. That simple.

It should not take two years to learn guard in the NFL, and last season there were times Pollak looked horrendous. And if you are "good," you don't lose your starting job to the Dan Federkeils of this world. So, again, very happy Federkeil is back. Very nice back-up player. Now, we need to start seeing the starters play like starters on the o-line. I like Federkeil, but I'm tired of seeing him play so much.