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Who The Hell Will They Draft 2009


Stampede Blue kicks off our annual Who The Hell Will The Draft series this week! Before we get into who we will cover, if you are new to Stampede Blue, every year at around this time we look at a group of players we think the Colts will draft. These players fit a particular type the Colts look for at specific positions. Criteria for players varies from position to position, but, in general, the Colts seem to focus on several key traits that they look for in a draft prospect:

  • Character is key. If the guy is talented, but a douchebag, Indy tends to avoid him on draft day
  • "Size" is an over-rated trait; smaller, quicker players can produce better results than players that are "big"
  • High motor, high intensity, hard-working players
  • Team leaders
  • The school is not as important as the player; if you played at Nowheresville State College and you are good, they Colts will draft you

So, that established, we will focus on players from big and small schools; players that utilize speed and quickness over size and gurth. These profiles will focus on players we know the Colts have expressed interest in along with player we think the Colts should be interested in. We hope you enjoy.

Some of the players we will cover:

DT Ron Brace

DE Connor Barwin

WR Derrick Williams

WR Percy Harvin

OLB Jason Williams

QB Mark Sanchez

OT Phil Loadholt

RB Shonn Greene

DT Fili Moala