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Luke Links: Another day, another dollar

  • Corey Ivy signs with the Browns.
  • The Jets may look for a running back early in the draft if Thomas Jones doesn't show up for minicamps.
  • Saints sign Darren Sharper.
  • Correll Buckhalter was named by a drug dealer as one of his clients.
  • Here's the details on LT's new contract.
  • Jermaine Phillips may be Derrick Brooks replacement.
  • The Ravens released DB Samari Rolle, sign Chris Carr.
  • Terrance Newman says his comments about Tony Romo were "misconstrued."  Yeah, ok.
  • Apparently every running back in this years' draft is high on the Bengals' list.  Same goes for Beanie Wells.  Maybe they won't draft Rashad Jennings after all?
  • The Charlotte Observer doesn't think Peppers will go anywhere.
  • Is it do or die for Matt Schaub?
  • The Lions are considering Aaron Curry with their first pick.  I like this pick a lot better than Matt Stafford.  I don't understand why the media is fellating Stafford so much.  He had a very MEH college career.  Big arms don't mean you're going to be a great NFL QB (Sexy Rexy ring a bell?).  To be completely honest, I don't like any of the QBs in this draft class.  The Lions should have kept Orlovsky.
  • L.J. Smith signs a one year deal with the Ravens.
  • There are some possible rule changes in the near future.
  • Kurt warner has hip surgery.  Does anyone else think this is funny?
  • Here's an updated team by team UFA list.
  • Paul Kuharsky needs to go back to covering the Titans.  He has absolutely no clue what he is talking about in this article.  Maybe I should get a job with ESPN and just write a bunch of uninformed articles and get paid a lot of green.  Brilliant!
  • Team interest list updated on 3/18.