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Create Your own Shake-approved Colts Mock Draft

Simply take one player from each round and position, and like magic you have a scenario for the Colts 2009 draft that would make me happy.

Round RB WR OT DT LB Others
1 Knowshon Moreno

Hakeem Nicks,

Kenny Britt,

Percy Harvin

William Beatty,

Eben Britton

Peria Jerry,

Ziggy Hood

James Laurinatis

Donald Brown,

Rashad Jennings

Brian Robiskie,

Derrick Williams

Jamon Meredith

Ron Brace

Fili Moala

Marcus Freeman,

Darius Butler,



Juaquin Igelesias,

Troy Kropog

Sen'Derrick Marks,

Gerald McRath

Dannell Ellerbe

Scott McKillop

Mitch King

Mike Mickens

Captian Munnerlyn


(pick 2)

Glenn Coffee,

Andre Brown

Mohammad Massaquoi

Augustus Parish,

Jason Watkins

Alex Magee

Kaluka Maiava

Darry Beckwith

Jason Williams

Nate Davis

Ian Johnson,

Devin Moore

Terrence Taylor Nic Harris


I'm sure there are guys I forgot or haven't heard of. Post them in the comments and I'll add them or tell you why I don't like them.

There are drafts from this chart that I like more than others, but I doubt you can build a mock that I don't like from it.

My Favorite?

1. DT, Peria Jerry

2. WR, Brian Robiskie

3. LB, Gerald McRath

4a. RB, Andre Brown

4b. OT, Augustus Parish

5.  RB/KR Devin Moore