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Colts fan's take on Nate Davis and his Pro Day

Everyone seems to be talking about how only one team showed up to Nate Davis' Pro Day. That team who did show up was the Indianapolis Colts, and contrary to what some think, they didn't show up just because Davis just happened to be holding his Pro Day in the glorious state of Indiana. The Colts do not just send their scouts "out there" just to look at local prospects because they happen to be close by. They only send their scouts to look at people they've targeted, and if they sent their people to watch Nate Davis throw passes to Steve DeBerg, it is because they intend to draft Davis.

People forget that Colts President Bill Polian scouted Nate Davis personally in November of last year.

Polian told the ESPN2 crew covering Ball State’s game he couldn’t comment too much on Ball State QB Nate Davis, 21, due to NFL regulations, but added that he liked what he saw from the Ohio native.

If teams are not interested in Davis, but the best talent evaluator in the NFL not only scouts him personally, but also sends one of his people to attend his Pro Day, that should tell you something. I'm no Ball State "RAH-RAH!" kind of guy. All I know is every scouting report I've read on the guy tells me he has what it takes to start in this league. And while Peyton Manning is God, Peyton is not going to play football forever.

So, if 31 other teams want to pass on Nate Davis, well then I guess it sucks to be them. I'd have no problem watching Indy snatch this guy up and groom him into a big league quarterback.