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2009 NFL Kickoff Weekend Schedule released

For the first time in five years, the Colts will not be part of the Kickoff Weekend series of primetime games that open an NFL season. Today, the NFL released their schedule for Kick-Off Weekend. The opening game of the season, a Thursday night game, will pit the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers against the Tennessee Titans. Last season, the Colts opened the season on Sunday Night Football against the Chicago Bears. The year before that, they opened the season on Thursday night against the Saints. In 2006, they opened the season on Sunday Night Football in the much hyped Manning Bowl against the NY Giants. In 2005, they opened on Sunday night football again, going back to Baltimore to face the Ravens. And finally, in 2004, they opened the season on the Thursday night game against the Patriots.

That is five straight years of primtime love to start the NFL season. Wow. This year, it looks like the Colts get to play a regular old afternoon game on Sunday. The rest of the regular season schedule will be announced in April.