With the first pick of the 2009 draft...

The Detroit Lions select.....

Well, let me explain my decision first. The possible choices are QB Matt Stafford, OT Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe, LB Aaron Curry, or DT BJ Raji. There are other scenarios that are worth consideration, like trading out of the number one pick. A strong possibility is a three way trade with Cleveland and Denver that will send Quinn and the number five pick to Denver, the number one pick to Cleveland, and Cutler and the number twelve pick to Detroit. Or some variation that gets Cutler to Detroit and sends away the number one pick.

Anyhow, I believe there is a very likely scenario that Detroit will not pick first. They are doing very interesting things publicly that make me suspect they are trying to spook someone below them to trade up and secure their guy. That may or may not work, but I still suspect that somehow Detroit will not pick first in actuality.

There are drawbacks to every possible first choice. Matt Stafford is the top choice in the weakest class of QBs in a while. They drafted Drew Stanton 43rd overall in '07, and I think they would be better off building other areas this season while trying out 2nd rounder Stanton, then drafting QB next year if he doesn't work out.

Next, OT is a big need and a good possibility. However, the Lions pick again at #20, and this is a deep class at this position. There is much debate over who is the top player at this position. Rather than gambling on that choice, the wise thing would be to draft the top guy later in the opening round. There will be a good option there.

Now to Curry. He is the best defensive player in the draft, and he is the most popular choice of the Lions fanbase. That should make him a slam dunk, but I only hesitate because they traded for Julian Peterson already. Along with Sims, this would give them three outstanding LBs, and there are other needs. 

Raji. This seems like a slight reach. However, the struggling defense could use a great DT. Additionally, the Lions traded away Cory Redding in the trade for Peterson, so there is a great need there. But is Raji a number one overall?

Crabtree will never happen on the heels of the Millen era. This brings me to the conclusion that the Lions desperately need out of this slot. I believe that a Cutler deal is an excellent scenario for them.

So what do I choose? Well if I am forced to choose at number one, I am going with my favorite player at the top of the draft.......


The fans who follow them closely want this as well, and some draft experts agree. I just think that Stafford is too expensive for the risk. Give Stanton a whirl for a year. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

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