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Luke Links: It's tuesday, yay

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  • First thing's first, the Colts received a 4th round compensatory pick for losing Jake Scott in free agenct last season which shake reported.
  • The Colts also signed free agent LB Adam Seward.  This is a great move however we're still a ways away from shoring up a lot of the weaknesses.
  • There's a slight possiblity the Colts are looking for a backup QB.  I'm not really for or against this.  We'll see what happens.
  • For all of you hoping to see Edge back in a Colts uniform, there's a possibility it won't happen.  For some reason Wisenhunt wants to keep Edge even though Edge wants the hell out of Dodge.  Wisenhunt needs to wisen up and just draft a running back.  Although, he should probably milk Warner's arm for as long as it holds up because before you know it Leinart will be starting.
  • Iowa running back Shonn Greene decided he actually wants to be drafted and put up some impressive numbers at his pro day.
  • The Browns signed David Patten incase Stallworth gets locked up.
  • The Jets want Cutler.  The Jets have been making some good moves as of late.  Assuming they shore up their QB situation, they actually might field a consistently good team next year...maybe.
  • The Giants want Plaxico back.  Good for them.
  • The Dolphins traded center Samson Satele to the Raiders for a sixth round pick.  The Tuna is a smart guy.
  • Everyone's dream pick Hakeem Nicks showed up at his pro day 14 pounds heavier.  Let me put it to you this way, there's no way he could have put on 14 pounds of muscle in a month, so by default, he's basically been doing squat since the combine.  Yeah, that's definintely the guy we need to draft.
  • The Igles may be interested in Braylon Edwards.  Good luck with that.
  • Kenny Britt is really fast.  Seriously, that's all they reported.  Nothing about his route running, or hands, or the fluidity of his hips (maybe that's corner talk).  He fast, therefore, he first round pick!
  • T.O. is already skipping out on training days.  Good ol' T.O.
  • Cardinals GM wants to keep Boldin.
  • Jay Cutler says he'll report to mandatory team activities.
  • The Phins say Chad Henne is the QB of the future.
  • The guy who claimed he sold drugs to Correll Buckhalter was lying.
  • The Commish doesn't expect an uncapped year, but not everyone feels the same way.
  • As BBS reported, the Steelers are kicking off the season against the Titans.  You can basically chalk up a loss for the Titans because the champs win their season opener an insane percent of the time.  I don't know what the exact number is, but is overwhelmingly in favor of the champs.  I wish you luck Titans, all bad.
  • The Lions plan to retire Corey Smith's number for the 2009 season.  As most of you know, Corey Smith was one of the NFL players who died in that boating accident a week or so ago.  Good move on the Lions' part.