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Sending a little love to John Oehser and his new blog: The Indy Football Report

Many of you may remember John Oehser. Up until very recently, he was the leading content writer for, often scribing stories on new player additions, camp reports, and interviews with players ranging from Peyton Manning to Justin Snow. As part of a league-wide trend in response to the growing economic troubles, the Colts had to downsize their staff. Sadly, John was one of the folks let go. It's a loss for, a site that has gotten nearly impossible to navigate of late because of a horrible re-design.

However, John has popped back up again on the net, and he has sailed full steam ahead into the world of blogging. His new blog, The Indy Football Report, is now a must read for Colts fans. John offers a perspective as someone who has worked within the Colts organization, and his knowledge of players and coaches is well known.

Like 18 to 88, I highly recommend John's blog. Again, slowly but surely, the presence of Colts fans on the net is growing and growing. We're not at Redskins or Broncos level yet, but we'll get there.

[UPDATE] To give you an idea of just how excellent John's blog is, he just posted this on his site:

The Indianapolis Colts will be making an adjustments at linebacker.

Jim Caldwell, speaking at the NFL Owners Meetings in Dana Point, Cal., Tuesday morning, updated media members on a few topics involving the team. Among them was a projected change at the linebacker position, with Clint Session — a starter at strongside linebacker this past season — moving to weak side to compete for the job.

It also looks like Philip Wheeler and Adam Seward will could compete for the starting SAM backer spot. Nice work, John!