My take on Bill Polian Draft 2009

1st round- QB Josh Freeman-6-53/4, 248, 4.97.  A serious upgrade over Jim Sorgi, although it may be wise to carry 3 QB's.  Will need grooming/coaching.

2nd round- DT Dorell Scott-6-4, 310, 4.95.  Value this late in round 2, and will give DT rotation a big body with skills to penetrate.

3rd round- CB Keenan Lewis- 6-07/8, 208, 4.53.  Solid cover-2 corner with tackling skills and physicality.  Especially if Ratliff isn't re-signed.

4th round-  RB Glen Coffee- 6-01/8, 209, 4.58.  Tough running back to compliment Joe Addai.  Should add 10-12 pounds.  Good between the tackles.

4th round-WR Brooks Foster- 6-01/2, 211, 4.45.  Has some technique issues that will get corrected by NFL coaching.  Has the physical tools.

5th round- OT Augustas Parrish- 6-4, 302, 5.23.  Nimble athlete who can play left tackle.  Needs to hit the weight room and attend the U. of Mudd.

6th round- P Kevin Huber- 6-07/8, 220, 4.85.  Big leg with accuracy.  Not a kickoff guy, but can HOLD ON PUNTS!

7th round- DE Rulon Davis- 6-43/4, 281, 4.92.  Athlete from Cal that could possibly move inside and help beef up DT rotation.  May help on special times like Reid.

I know Freeman is not the sexy pick, but this past season's experience with Peyton's knee and the slugs we brought in to be camp fodder makes me think it quite possible that this is the year to seriously upgrade the position.  Besides, at 27th spot Freeman is likely to be the "best player available" and a clear choice for BP to take.  He sure has the physical tools and huge arm to make all the throws and then some.

And, this would definitely be the "Polian Surprise" for this year's draft.  I appreciate Sorgi for being a class act, but I don't want this team's fate in his less-talented hands in case (God forbid!) Peyton should go down for an extended period.  Freeman has the level of talent that Sorgi can only dream of.





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