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Luke Links: You must be this tall to ride the free agency bandwagon

More and more teams spend and over-spend for players. I know many here were hopeful that the Colts would re-work some things and try to sign some big free agents, but the fact of the matter is this organization simply does not do that. the results have been six straight 12 win seasons, a Super Bowl, and a new stadium. Going out on a limb here, while free agency is fun to blog about, "off-season free agent winners" are really winners on the field of play:

  • Still feels weird saying "former Colts coach Tony Dungy," but it is was it is. Dungy was on NPR this morning. Tip to LasEspuelas.
  • The Titans signed two solid free agents in WR Nate Washington and DT Jovan Haye. Haye is the more interesting of the two, in my not-so-humble opinion. He was a fine DT in Tampa Bay, and will help stem the loss of Albert Haynesworth. He cannot replace Haynesworth though.
  • Texans sign DE Antonio Smith. Too bad he can't play o-line.
  • Derrick Ward a Buc. I still wonder what kind of team they will field in 2009.
  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh deserved a new contract, but 5 years and $40 million with $15 million guaranteed is Reggie Wayne money.
  • New Era Scouting has updated the list of college players the Colts have shown interest in. David Bruton? Really?
  • Antonio Cromartie is on the trading block
  • interviews Bengals DT John Thornton, asks him about possibly joining the Colts. You have to pay to read it.
  • Peter King thinks Marvin Harrison may retire. He also thought Houshmandzadeh wouldn't sign with Seattle. 
  • The Patriots now have $16 million in cap space.
  • The Jaguars cut Paul "Polian pays off the refs" Spicer not because he is a deluded moron, but because he sucks. One by one, the Jaguars are trimming away the reject losers we Colts fans got so much entertainment from. From Fred "We're as good as the Colts" Taylor to Mike "I'll make them pay for releasing me" Peterson, our favorite Jags are getting cut, one by one.