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With the 6th Pick in the 2009 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, Cincinnati selects...


Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia

6. Cincinnati Bengals

Drafter: CooperManningsNotTrying

Reasons for drafting: The ideal scenario plays out here for the Bengals. Current LT Levi Jones is on a short leash, partly because of injuries and partly because of inconsistent performance when healthy, and the rumors are swirling that he could be gone by September. The guys over at Cincy Jungle are warming to the idea of Andre Smith at this pick, if only because keeping Carson Palmer upright is of paramount importance and recent mock drafts show the two top offensive tackle prospects off the board by Seattle at #4. Should that situation play out, the Bengals need to be exploring a trade down into the middle of the first round, where Smith or Michael Oher could actually be worth the cost. But today, no need for Cincinnati fans to worry about how Mike Brown will waste his leverage. The Bengals address the top priority with their top pick and get value. Only a beginning in light of the things the front office needs to accomplish in this draft, but a very good beginning in any case.


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JPBarnett and the Oakland RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRaiders are now on the clock...