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Luke Links: I'm gonna kick Deshawn Zombie's butt!

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Can you tell Deshawn and I are STARVING for Colts news? While the rest of the league frolics in Jay Cutler drama, Terrell Owens unemployment, or the home improvement project in Kansas City, we Colts fans are left to cannibalize each other.

  • 18 to 88's Deshawn Zombie disagrees with me on Dom over Edge. I don't thinkmy original post was focused specifically on that, but I'll just respond that Dom adds a strong locker room energy that lots of Colts players respond to. He has also taken fewer hits and has less wear and tear on his body. I personally think neither will be back in the blue shoe, and I personally think both players are excellent examples of what running backs should be.
  • Chris at Big Cat Country discusses the "new dawn" of the Jaguars.
  • As you probably already know (because ESPN has their sold their soul to Jerry Jones) the Cowboys cut Terrell Owens and safety Roy "can't cover your grandma" Williams. It only took them three years to determine that both players suck.
  • By cutting Owens, "America's Team" has to carry a $9 million dollar cap hit of "dead" TO money next year. Feel free to laugh... loudly.
  • Hogs Haven's tribute to Roy Williams is hilarious. 
  • Roy Williams is living proof the Pro Bowl is a load of monkey crap.
  • Denver continues to gobble up mediocre running backs.
  • Joey Galloway is looking to join our buddy Bill in New England.
  • He is also visiting the Bills.
  • Nice Jeff Saturday interview (via 18 to 88).
  • Titans owner Bud Adams says Vince Young is determined to get his starting job back. Um, Bud, you just signed Kerry Collins to a two-year contract. Collins re-signed specifically to start. This is the same Kerry Collins who QBed the Titans to the AFC South title and 13 wins. Vince can be as "determined" as he wants. He's sitting on the bench again in 2009. Maybe if he was more determined back in 2006, he never would have lost his job to a 36-year-old guy who was cut from three previous teams.
  • Texans match offer for WR David Anderson.
  • Mike Lombardi feels that with Kurt Warner re-upping with the Cardinals, the important free agents are all signed.