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Welcome KingRichard and Colts Homer: 2009 Stampede Blue Writing Fellows

Please join me in welcoming Stampede Blue's newest writers for the 2009 season: KingRichard and Colts Homer. They will take the place of mgrex03, who is transitioning into writing different articles for Stampede Blue and Mocking the Draft.

Before we go further, I want to thank all those who submitted applications to write for this blog. It was tough just selecting two. I had initially come into this process thinking I was only going to select one, but the quality of candidates made that impossible. Just because you were not selected does not mean we think you "suck" or anything. There were several very good applications, and it made me think that what SB Nation needed was three or four Colts blogs, not just one.

As I always say, comments, FanPosts, and FanShots are just as important, and sometimes MORE important, than any article we write on the front page. Indeed, several FanPosts get promoted to the front page, and I do my best to read as many comments as possible. Yes, even the game open threads. Please continue to use this blog as your sounding board as a fan. Write FanPost articles, post videos, insert silly pictures, etc. Bloggers are meaningless without comments. If restaurant owning is all about location, location, location, then blogging is all about discussion, discussion, discussion. So, if you were not selected as a writing fellow, I encourage you to please continuing contributing to this blog. It is you who make this blog work, not folks like me.

Back to the fellows, many of you know KingRichard. He has been a staple of this site in FanPosts and comments almost since we launched. Like many of us, he is a passionate fan who believes strongly in his team. Does he agree with everything that's written here? Hell no! KingRichard calls it as he sees it, and often it can envoke a strong reaction. KingRichard also has a fun sense of humor, and with JakeTheSnake off blogging about the corpse that is the Washington Wizards, this place is in need of some off-beat humor.

Many of you might know Colts Homer, who often posts here and was once the head writer for Naptown's Finest. Colts Homer will help us with our NFL Draft coverage, as his knowledge of college football is top notch.

Please join me in welcoming these new writers into our fold! Their addition, along with your excellent FanPosts and comments, continues to make Stampede Blue one of the best Colts blogs on the net.