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Is the possible departure of Marvin Harrison a blow to the Colts?

marvin harrison
marvin harrison

Looking through many of the mock drafts on the 'Net and scrounging through comments and posts from the fine folks on this board, it strikes me as odd we're not in more of an uproar about Marvin's departure.  He's been in the Top 10 for so many years that it's hard to imagine us Colts fans not blowing a gasket about this.  By blowing a gasket I mean not drafting a new WR earlier.  Could a severe injury in 2007 have foretold the end of a brilliant career?  Could it be that Harrison lost a step in 2008 and was no longer Peyton's first or second look?

Cruising through the WR roster, it's clear the two at the top are Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez - they were ranked 14th and 18th respectively in the 2008 season.  While Wayne has nine seasons under his belt, Gonzo has three, but is displaying incredible talent at this early stage of his career.  The two combined make for one of the most potent WR tandems in the league.  So is it really that worrisome that Harrison is not wearing a Colts uniform in 2009?

Not looking at WRs until later rounds could indicate Polian and Caldwell are satisfied with the receiving position they're in and are willing to pickup a value player in a later round, someone with talent but who might need a few years in the league to get their feet under them.  Most of the mocks have defensive players flying off the shelves in the early rounds, so it may be a "defensive feeding frenzy" or simply a desire to get while the gettin's good; hold back and that defensive player you want could be gone.  Or, should Indy look to draft a solid backup at QB?  Peyton's injury going into 2008 was a wakeup call; put all your marbles in one player and you may get burned.  Look at the Patriots.  Brady is IR'd for the season and they lucked out with a soft schedule and a backup who benefitted from three years in the system carrying the clipboard.  Does anyone feel that confident in Sorgi?

Dang, I feel weird.  That steak sandwich tasted good, but it ain't sitting right.  I have an odd hankering for something else, but can't quite put my finger on it.