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April Fools from the blogger you love to hate

If y'all haven't noticed, it's your arch nemesis, MaPatsFan.  Your fearless leader BigBlueShoe is stirring up the pot over at my blog, Pats Pulpit.  This was less painful than I thought, but still not right - no offense.  I mean, too much blue, horshoes, and something called the Horse Trailer?  What tha...  And not that I don't mind me a good steak sandwich now and again, but give me a bowl of chowder any day and not that fake Manhattan version.  What's with all the tomatoes?  I think Foxboro, MA is the center of the universe, Tom Brady is one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game, and Wes Welker (the jersey I wear) is the most dangerous underneath receiver in the biz.  But you guys wouldn't want anything else from your hated rival, right?

Seriously, as always it's fun to hang with you guys.  When I first started blogging here as a lowly commenter, I wanted to learn about the Colts - know your enemy kind of stuff - and I've always been impressed with the passion of this crew.  And the knowledge; that's what it's all about for me.  Even though I've lived outside of Bawstun all of my life, I'm no Tommy from Quinzee.  I believe both teams need each other, they each make the other better.  Same is true for Peyton and Tom.  To steal a bit from BBS, they're Magic and Larry - determined enemies on the gridiron, but friends who appreciate each other's talent and competitive spirit.  This league is better because of the competitiveness between our clubs.

Thanks for putting up with me and I leave you with one thought...