Analyzing our drafting possibilities, and grading them

Let's imagine it's April 25th at night. The Colts took 2 of these 3 players in the first round: a LB, a WR and a DT. I'll analyze those possibilities LB-DT, DT-LB, WR-LB, etc. and grade them.

Option A:

1st WR (a la Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt)

2nd DT (a la Ziggy Hood or Ron Brace).

This would be like the best possible thing we could do. Grabbing Ziggy so late in the second would be excellent, as many are predicting him even in the 1st, and also we would've gotten a 1st-round-value WR to be our third guy. The LB possition would be left for later but in my opinion there is enough value in the second day to grab a good COLTS LB. Grade: A.

Option B:

1st DT (a la Peria Jerry or Ziggy Hood)

2nd WR (a la Brian Robiskie or Derrick Williams)

Peria Jerry is a good player but we need a bigger guy I think, and Ziggy would be a reach (why? Because he's not that apart from Ron Brace in my draft board, and they're both 2nd rounders for me). Brian Robiskie is a very intriguing prospect, because even though he wasn't that good statistically last year, he is tall (6'3) and he's a good route runner. He'd be like what Roy Hall never became.  Grade: B.

Option C:

1st LB (a la James Laurinaitis or Clay Matthews)

2nd DT (a la Ron Brace or Ziggy Hood)

I think a player with Laurinaitis value is too good to pass up if he gets to No. 27. We've added depth to the LB position, but not THIS value, so... As I said before, grabbing Brace or Ziggy in the 2nd round that late is something we should be very happy about. Now, the problem is...where the heck is our WR? Can a 3rd rounder do it? Can Pierre do it? Can Roy...just kidding. Grade: B+.

Option D:

1st DT (a la Peria or Ziggy)

2nd LB (a la Marcus Freeman or who-knows-who-else)

The first round pick would be ok, but as I said before, it's better to pick Hood-Brace later. A LB in the second round would be more Polian-esque, and Marcus Freeman is a good, not-undersized-in-our-system guy that the only question that he raises is "Can he stay healthy?". Still, as I have said before, that question is always up there when it comes to Colts player, so... Like in option C, WHERE IS OUR WR?. For me, there's no "A" without a WR. Grade: C

Option E:

1st LB (a la James Laurinaitis or Clay Matthews)

2nd WR (a la Brian Robiskie or Derrick Williams)

Interesting. A valuable LB and a potential-filled WR. I like it, I really like it. Specially if the names of those to players are James Laurinaitis and Brian Robiskie. DT could be adressed later; there's always the "Ed Johnson-Eric Foster" of the year or we could get something in the 3rd round. Grade: A.

Option F:

1st WR (a la Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt)

2nd LB (a la Marcus Freeman)

I like this combination, a supposedly better WR in the 1st round and an intriguing prospect in the 2nd. Still, I prefer option E rather than this one. Grade: B+.


Now...there's always a chance Bill Polian trades down our first pick. And this could turn out to be GREAT! Imagine this scenario: We're on the clock, Hakeem Nicks, Peria Jerry and let's say even Kenny Britt are gone. What do you do? Do you take Ziggy Hood when you know you could get him in the earlier-middle 2nd? No, let's trade down! You trade for an earlier or middle 2nd rounder and you may get Ziggy or Ron Brace there. Or you can take Brian Robiskie there and then use the your second 2nd rounder to draft Ron Brace or Brian Cushing. Plus, we would have more picks, maybe even three 2nd rounders, or an extra, early 3rd. I would grade that with an "A" anyday. :D

What do you think? If you like it you can always rec it ;)

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