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With the 18th Pick in the 2009 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, Denver selects...


Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

18. Denver Broncos

Drafter: mgrex03

Reasons for drafting: "Quarterback does not seem high on their priority list, since they shipped out a Pro Bowler and got a non-Pro Bowler back in return. I just can't see them taking a QB in the first round. There are a whole slew of defensive players (8 to be exact) that I think would be good fits for the Broncos. Problem is most of them are in the 30-45 range in terms of value, and the best ones are OLB, which has the same level of "need" as RB. One of those defensive players will be there at pick #48, so there is no need to reach.

Moreno was graded as a 6-star prospect over at MHR, joining only Curry and Malcolm Jenkins. Gone is the offense of "It doesn't matter who we put back there, they'll run for 1,000 yards", so they need a playmaker at RB, which they haven't had since Clinton Portis. While it is mighty difficult to win a Super Bowl without a big name QB, Bronco fans know all too well that Elway didn't win one without Terrell Davis (who also went to Georgia). I can't see the Broncos passing on Moreno."


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