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Easter Mock Draft

Let's get this three round mock started.  Next week I will make it into a four rounder and by draft eve it will be a full seven rounder.  Not much to say except there are a lot of changes.  Let's get it on!

1. Detroit: Jason Smith/OT/Baylor
2. St. Louis: Eugene Monroe/OT/Virginia
3. Kansas City: Aaron Curry/ILB/Wake Forest
4. Seattle: Matt Stafford/QB/Georgia
5. Cleveland: Michael Crabtree/WR/Texas Tech
6. Cincinnati: Andre Smith/OT/Alabama
7. Oakland: Jeremy Maclin/WR/Missouri
8. Jacksonville: BJ Raji/DT/Boston College
9. Green Bay: Brian Orakpo/rush LB/Texas
10. San Francisco: Mark Sanchez/QB/USC
11. Buffalo: Aaron Maybin/DE/Penn State
12. Denver: Brian Cushing/OLB/USC
13. Washington: Michael Oher/OT/Ole Miss
14. New Orleans: Malcolm Jenkins/DB/Ohio State
15. Houston: Vontae Davis/CB/Illinois
16. San Diego: Rey Maualuga/ILB/USC
17. NY Jets: Darrius Heyward-Bey/WR/Maryland
18. Denver: Tyson Jackson/DE/LSU
19. Tampa Bay: Josh Freeman/QB/Kansas State
20. Detroit: Eben Britton/OT/Arizona
21. Philadelphia: Knowshon Moreno/RB/Georgia
22. Minnesota: William Beatty/OT/UConn
23. New England: Everette Brown/rush LB/Florida State
24. Atlanta: Brandon Pettigrew/TE/Oklahoma State
25. Miami: Darius Butler/CB/UConn
26. Baltimore: Percy Harvin/WR/Florida
27. Indianapolis: Peria Jerry/DT/Ole Miss
28. Philadelphia: Robert Ayers/DE/Tennessee
29. NY Giants: Kenny Britt/WR/Rutgers
30. Tennessee: Hakeem Nicks/WR/North Carolina
31. Arizona: Chris Wells/RB/Ohio State
32. Pittsburgh: Alex Mack/C/Cal

33. Detroit: Sean Smith/CB/Utah
34. New England: Patrick Chung/S/Oregon
35. St. Louis: Clay Matthews/OLB/USC
36. Cleveland: Donald Brown/RB/UConn
37. Seattle: Louis Delmas/S/Western Michigan
38. Cincinnati: Ziggy Hood/DT/Missouri
39. Jacksonville: Brian Robiskie/WR/Ohio State
40. Oakland: James Meredith/OT/South Carolina
41. Green Bay: Ron Brace/NT/Boston College
42. Buffalo: Jared Cook/TE/South Carolina
43. San Francisco: Phil Loadholt/OT/Oklahoma
44. Miami: Larry English/rush LB/Northern Illinois
45. NY Giants: Jarron Gilbert/DT/San Jose State
46. Houston: William Moore/S/Missouri
47. New England: DJ Moore/CB/Vanderbilt
48. Denver: Rashad Johnson/S/Alabama
49. Chicago: Michael Johnson/DE/Georgia Tech
50. Cleveland: Alphonso Smith/CB/Wake Forest
51. Dallas: Victor Harris/CB/Virginia Tech
52. Philadelphia: Duke Robinson/OG/Oklahoma
53. NY Jets: LeSean McCoy/RB/Pitt
54. Minnesota: Jarius Byrd/CB/Oregon
55. Atlanta: Fili Moala/DT/USC
56. Miami: Juaquin Iglesias/WR/Oklahoma
57. Baltimore: Keenan Lewis/CB/Oregon State
58. New England: Gerald Cadogen/OT/Penn State
59. Carolina: Connor Barwin/DE/Cincinnati
60. NY Giants: James Laurinaitis/LB/Ohio State
61. Indianapolis: Derrick Williams/WR/Penn State
62. Tennessee: Lawrence Sidbury/DE/Richmond
63. Arizona: Cody Brown/DE/UConn
64. Pittsburgh: Andy Levitre/OG/Oregon State

65. Detroit: Sen'Derrick Marks/DT/Auburn
66. St. Louis: Louis Murphy/WR/Florida
67. Kansas City: Troy Kropog/OT/Tulane
68. Seattle: Kevin Barnes/CB/Maryland
69. Dallas: Fenuki Tupou/OT/Oregon
70. Cincinnati: Nick Harris/LB/Oklahoma
71. Oakland: Chip Vaughn/S/Wake Forest
72. Jacksonville: Max Unger/C/Oregon
73. Green Bay: Paul Kruger/DE/Utah
74. San Francisco: Clint Sintim/OLB/Virginia
75. Buffalo: Herman Johnson/OG/LSU
76. NY Jets: Darry Beckwith/ILB/LSU
77. Houston: Marcus Freeman/OLB/Ohio State
78. San Diego: Michael Hamlin/S/Clemson
79. Denver: Mike Mickens/CB/Cincinnati
80. Washington: Tyrone McKenzie/OLB/USF
81. Tampa Bay: Captain Munnerlyn/CB/South Carolina
82. Detroit: Phillip Hunt/DE/Houston
83. Philadelphia: Chase Coffman/TE/Missouri
84. Green Bay: Xavier Fulton/OT/Illinois
85. Denver: Pat White/QB-WR/West Virginia
86. Minnesota: Chris Baker/DT/Hampton
87. Miami: Sherrod Martin/S/Troy
88. Baltimore: Dannell Ellerbe/LB/Georgia
89. New England: Eric Wood/C/Louisville
90. Atlanta: Chris Clemons/S/Clemson
91. NY Giants: Alex Magee/DT/Purdue
92. Indianapolis: Rashad Jennings/RB/Liberty
93. Carolina: Ramses Barden/WR/Cal-Poly
94. Tennessee: Dorell Scott/DT/Clemson
95. Arizona: Scott McKillop/LB/Pitt
96. Pittsburgh: Sammie Lee Hill/DT/Stillman
97. New England: Derek Pegues/S/Mississippi State
98. Cincinnati: Shonn Greene/RB/Iowa
99. Chicago: Brandon Gibson/WR/Washington State
100. NY Giants: Trevor Canfield/OG/Cincinnati

That's pretty much a dream draft for the Colts.  They get a starter at nose tackle, a slot receiver and a change-of-pace back in the first three rounds, all of whom would get great playing time.  I have a lot of defensive ends dropping here.  I feel like running back and defensive end are two positions that will drop in the 2009 draft.  Pittsburgh and Arizona were two of the worst running teams in the league last year, and late round defensive ends have had as much success as highly drafted ones.  Michael Johnson has a huge bust factor and will fall because of it.  This wide receiver class is so top heavy.  After Derrick Williams there is no one, but the first five could be Pro Bowlers in their first two years.  This is a weird draft to say the least.