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With the 20th Pick in the 2009 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, Detroit selects...


Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

20. Detroit Lions

Drafter: Coltsfanawalt

Reasons for drafting: "I am very excited about the way this worked out. Though there are many different opinions about the QBs and their value, I value Sanchez as high as Stafford. He is a great talent that will go top ten, maybe as far as twelve later this month. I did not value either QB at #1 overall, but I hoped that someone would make it to this pick. I feel like Detroit has been able to get the BPA with both picks thus far. Curry being one of the two best overall players in the draft (along with Crabtree) and the best defensive talent, and now Sanchez at pick twenty. Think of it this way. If Stafford (who I value equally with Sanchez) had been selected with the first pick, what player would be selected here at twenty that is in the same league as Curry? Of course opinions will vary, but I love how this worked out for the hapless Lions."


Check out Mark Sandchez's scouting report at Mocking The Draft.

Also, see who Pride of Detroit took at #20 in the SB Nation Writer's Draft.

That sound you just heard was a collective sigh of relief from shake n bake, king richard, and Master R Wyane. They are delighted that Mark Sanchez won't be available to me at #27. Might just take a kicker just to F with them a little bit.

The Philadelphia Eagles and monsterbox are now on the clock...