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With the 21st Pick in the 2009 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, Philadelphia selects...


Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois

21. Philadelphia Eagles

Drafter: monstersbox

Reasons for drafting: "This choice is actually much easier than anticipated it to be. The Eagles could use help with a TE, an heir apparent to Westbrook, , potential O-line help, and have lost both Dawkins and Shephard. With the signing of Stacey Andrews to anchor one of the tackle positions, and the fact that the tackles that I consider top 25 prospects are off the board, Denver taking Moreno only cemented the first Eagles pick. Some people may say Pettigrew, and while he would be possibly a very nice pick, I just can’t pass up Vontae Davis at the 21 spot. Davis is possibly the best CB in the draft, and is simply better in man to man coverage than Jenkins. This allows the Eagles to have the flexibility of potentially having a replacement for Dawkins if he’s put at FS, or becoming a shut down man to man corner that would allow Samuel to play in his zone and continue to go for interceptions with safety help. It also allows Jim Johnson the flexibility to call blitzes from all over the field knowing Davis can hold his own. He’s easily BPA, addresses two needs, and the drop-off in talent is much higher after Davis than the RBs and O-linemen that are left. A Vontae Davis and Asante Samuel combination could potentially end up being the most feared duo in the league."


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