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Rest in Peace: Harry Kalas, the voice of NFL Films

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If you watched the old HBO show Inside The NFL, one of the best elements of the show was Philadelphia-based announcer Harry Kalas narrating the commentary for the recapped games. You'd see the beautiful, slow motion visuals provided by NFL Films paired with the crackling commentary from Kalas. Whenever the Colts won, I made sure to watch Inside The NFL just so I could hear Kalas' voiceover.

Mr. Kalas' voice over narrates the DVD for the Colts 2006 season and their victory in Super Bowl 41.

Sadly, we will never hear Mr. Kalas provide another voiceover for an NFL game. The man who was the radio announcer for baseball's Philadelphia Phillies since 1971passed away today. He collapsed in the Washington Nationals' press box this afternoon at 12:30pm Eastern time. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but he passed away a short time after. Cause of death is presently unknown. He was 73 years old.

Mr. Kalas will mostly be known as the voice for the Philadelphia Phillies, who are the defending World Series champions. But for us football fans, and for fans of my generation who grew up listening to Kalas as the voice of NFL Films, he'll be remembered as the guy who gave football that special awe that only NFL Films could capture.

The fans at The Good Phight have a story up remembering Kalas.


Harry Kalas: 1936-2009