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With the 29th Pick in the 2009 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, New York Giants selects...


Eben Britton, OT, Arizona

29. New York Giants

Drafter: MasterRWayne

Reasons for drafting: "Eben Britton is part of one of the most talented tackle classes in a long time. He has size, strength, technique, experience (3 year starter) and durability (37 consecutive starts). In addition, to this he is constantly graded as someone who is "coach able" a "natural leader" and has excellent awareness.

Some might not like this pick because they view the Giants as having one of the best Offensive Lines in the league right now and I agree that they do, but they are good only on the surface. There are a few issues which Britton addresses for them...

1. The Giants have ZERO depth in their O-Line and when they suffered injuries last year the play of the line greatly lagged. The Giants are also aging across the entire O-Line with the youngest starter being 29 years old.

2. The current starter at LT for the Giants is David Diehl who is very good, but he is a guard converted to tackle and struggles sometimes against speed rushers. If Britton can develop at LT that allows the Giants to move Diehl back to his natural position of LG where he is a pro-bowler. Therefore, Britton has the potential to upgrade two positions at LT and LG. Britton also has experience playing RT. Its a win-win.

I agree that the Giants have needs at WR, but Britton is more valuable than a WR here. His impact will be immediate whereas a WR could take 3-4 years to fully develop and the Giants are a team that can easily win it all this year. Also, remember that they have poured picks into their WR positions with Manningham (3rd round pick last year) looking to see more time this year. There will be opportunities for the Giants to upgrade their WR/TE's in later rounds and a talented tackle like Britton is too good to pass up for an unpolished WR this early in the draft."


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