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With the 30th Pick in the 2009 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, Tennessee selects...


D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt

30. Tennessee Titans

Drafter: hoosierdore

Reasons for drafting: "With the Titans committing to Kerry Collins and Chris Johnson emerging as one of the elite (albeit illiterate) running backs in the league, I see the Titans continuing to transform into a smash mouth football team that will hammer away on the ground in a manner similar to the Steelers or Ravens. A star WR would be nice, but the Titans still wouldn’t be a team scoring 30-some points a game. With Chris Carr going to Baltimore and Nick Harper slowing down, D.J. Moore could fill numerous holes and will bring a strong work ethic to the Titans. At local Vanderbilt University, D.J. Moore has proven to be a shutdown corner who has enough versatility to also serve as a return specialist, wide receiver, and even running back.

Scouts say Moore's reaction time and instincts make him a natural for zone coverage, and he closes well on routes. As a receiver, he has very quick feet on routes, is good in the open field and has reliable hands; he uses those skills as a corner and is sure-handed during interceptions and interception returns.

I may just be talking up my Alma Mater, but the Titans made a big mistake when they chose VY over Cutler a few years ago. Now the Titans have a chance to redeem themselves by picking a highly motivated, talented football player right out of their own backyard. In this draft, the Jaguars selected a WR, Andre Johnson is one of the best WRs in the league who has never had a legit QB to throw him the ball, and the Colts are ready to return to an offensive powerhouse (I hope). A young cornerback who can also help out with returns and WR could help the Titans remain on top of the AFC South. Consider him Pacman Jones with character and a brain."


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