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Colts Draft Board: Top 32

This is based off of my own projections.  Even though BP Glass is a genius with his draft board system, I'm going to try and make one on my own.  I'll go with the top 32 for now, which covers the first round.  Like BP Glass, I will use BPA, needs and system fits while I am deciding this, but needs plays a bigger part for me.  This is a very strong draft class with great players at the top who would never drop to the Colts and some players who will be great that the Colts could take.  After the jump you will be able to witness my draft board along with where these players are ranked on the overall draft board at the most in-depth draft site, Draft Tek.

Rank Player Thoughts Draft Tek's ranking
1. Aaron Curry/LB/Wake Forest Curry is a monster who would become an immediate starter at SAM.  No chance he falls. 1
2. Jason Smith/OT/Baylor Smith is the best overall player in the draft.  He would either start at RT or move Ugoh to RT.  No chance he falls. 2
3. Eugene Monroe/OT/Virginia Monroe is the best run blocker in the draft.  He would be a better LT than Ugoh could ever dream of being.  Won't fall past Cincy. 4
4. BJ Raji/DT/Boston College Raji would be the best DT the Colts have had since moving to Indy.  He doesn't have any major flaws.  Won't drop to the Colts. 9
5. Michael Crabtree/WR/Texas Tech Crabtree is an extremely talented player who I would compare to Tim Brown.  He won't drop past Oakland 3
6. Knowshon Moreno/RB/Georgia I think Knowshon will be a Pro Bowler from day 1 no matter who he plays for.  He could actually fall to the Colts if the Eagles don't want another back. 13
7. Michael Oher/OT/Ole Miss Oher is the most underrated player in this draft.  He has the potential to be the next Orlando Pace, but scouts have been overreacting to little inconsistencies.  Won't fall past 16. 14
8. Brian Cushing/OLB/USC Cushing would definitely fit the recent trend of physical LBers.  He probably won't fall to the Colts, but crazier things have happened. 17
9. Peria Jerry/DT/Ole Miss In no way is Jerry the ninth best player in the draft, but no DT has fit the Colts system as well as he.  Tampa and Detroit are the teams that would stand in the way of him falling. 22


Jeremy Maclin/WR/Missouri

Maclin would be an ideal slot receiver and would make an immediate difference in the return game.  No chance he falls to 27.


11. Rey Maualuga/MLB/USC Seward would have to move to the outside for the man who owns the police.  Maualuga would be in a weird situation with Brackett, but Maualuga would be too good to pass up.  Maualuga won't fall past New England. 18
12. Darrius Heyward-Bey/WR/Maryland Heyward-Bey is an Al Davis-type player with his blazing speed.  Heyward-Bey is a raw prospect but could end up better than Maclin.  Won't fall past Baltimore. 19
13. Evander "Ziggy" Hood/DT/Missouri Definitely not a top 13 prospect, but I like Ziggy too much to have him lower than 13.  I would be shocked if he is gone by the 27th pick. 30
14. Clay Matthews/OLB/USC Matthews is the third USC linebacker on this list, and he is the best pass rusher.  If Coyer implements his full system, Matthews would be perfect for it. 21
15. Everette Brown/DE/Florida State Even though he doesn't fill a major need, Brown is by far the best defensive player left on the board and would give the Colts the most terrifying 4-3 pass rush in recent history. 11
16. Brian Orakpo/DE/Texas Orakpo plays hard, but I would take Brown over him in a second.  Orakpo won't be there at 27. 6
17. Malcolm Jenkins/CB/Ohio State Jenkins would be a great Tampa 2 corner.  A Hayden-Jackson-Jenkins combo would be the best cornerback group in the NFL no question.  Jenkins won't be there at 27 though. 8
18. Donald Brown/RB/UConn Brown is a great running back who had one of the best statistical seasons for a running back in years.  Brown would be a nice addition to the backfield. 28
19. Hakeem Nicks/WR/North Carolina Even though he has put on some weight, I still like Nicks a lot.  I think he is the most pro-ready wide receiver.  He will definitely be there at 27. 33
20. James Laurinaitis/OLB/Ohio State If the Colts were to draft Laurinaitis, he would have to move to SAM.  Unlike Rey Maualuga, Laurinaitis would be just as good of an outside linebacker as a middle linebacker. 11
21. Eben Britton/OT/Arizona Britton is an all-around good offensive tackle.  To be honest, I just want Ryan Diem gone, even if Britton isn't as good as some of the people on the board. 34
22. Matt Stafford/QB/Georgia Even though I do not want a quarterback at all in the first four rounds, Matt Stafford would be a nice replacement for Manning in the future.  If Stafford falls to 27 I will streak throughout all of Central Indiana every Thursday for the rest of my life. 5
23. Andre Smith/OT/Alabama He has a lot of problems, but he is also a big body with a lot of athletic ability.  If he can keep his weight under control, he could start at every position on the line besides center.  He's a special player.  He also has breasts. 12
24. Sean Smith/CB/Utah Smith is a great cornerback and I think he would fit the Tampa-2 well after a year of learning a zone defense.  Smith is very physical and a good tackler. 41
25. Mark Sanchez/QB/USC Even though Sanchez is certainly higher on Polian's board, if we would pass on someone like Nicks or Hood for Sanchez I would cry for weeks. 7
26. Tyson Jackson/DE/LSU Jackson is a defensive end who would fit the 3-4 better than a Tampa-2 D, but he would be a great run stopper for the Colts and could pull a Raheem Brock and play DT as well. 15
27. LeSean McCoy/RB/Pitt McCoy is an all-around great back.  He doesn't have a major flaw.  I would describe him with the cliche "jack of all trades but master at none."  He could fall to the Colts second round pick, but that's unlikely. 42
28. Percy Harvin/WR/Florida Harvin is the Reggie Bush of wide receivers.  He can do everything but he's not outstanding at anything.  If every player listed above is somehow taken before the Colts pick, Harvin would be the choice. 29
29. Kenny Britt/WR/Rutgers Britt isn't a normal Colts receiver as he is nearly 6-3, 220.  He is a good route runner but has poor hands.  He would be a project but could be a great receiver. 22
30. Chris "Beanie" Wells/RB/Ohio State Beanie is a great running back, but he gets hurt so often that he falls past Brown and McCoy.  I wouldn't take the risk in the first round. 16
31. Aaron Maybin/DE/Penn State Maybin is just too inexperienced to me.  I think he has the making of a major bust written all over him.  Let's hope he goes to New England. 26
32. William Beatty/OT/UConn Like most other top offensive tackles in this draft, Beatty is an amazing pass blocker.  He is listed as being a mediocre run blocker, but he was blocking for a 2000 yard running back, so he can't be too bad.  Beatty could be a sleeper pick. 43


Next week I will work my ass off to get more draft stuff out before the big day.  I'm pumped for the draft, and there is still so much that can happen.  We could see Brady Quinn, Braylon Edwards and Anquan Boldin all traded by draft day.  Next weekend will be very memorable, and the Colts should get a future star in the first round, whether that is Ziggy Hood, Peria Jerry, Hakeem Nicks or another player listed up here.