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With the 32nd Pick in the 2009 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, Pittsburgh selects...


Jarron Gilbert, DE, San Jose State

32. Pittsburgh Steelers

Drafter: Colts9318rock

Reasons for drafting: "Jarron can step right into the Steeler's D-line and be a contributing player. The Steelers have the same typical idea of drafting the best player available like the Colts. Jarron is is a huge DE at 6-5 and 287 pounds. Despite his height/weight, Jarron has incredible agility and developing speed (40 time:5.04). Jarron is the perfect 3-4 defensive end and will likely have a huge impact on the Steeler's D-line as a rookie. His negatives are him being slow off the snap and Jarron has problems using his hands to shed blocks. Despite these negatives the Steelers would not pass up the chance to draft Jarron."


Check out Jarron Gilbert's scouting report at Mocking The Draft.

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With this pick, we close the first round. If we want to finish the second round in time for draft day, we'll need to zip through it. We'll only do write-ups for the Bears and Cowboys, since those mockers didn't get to do a write-up for the first round. We'll start posting second round picks in bunches on Monday.

With that, Detroit and Coltsfanawalt are now on the clock...