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The Dream Mock Draft

The Colts always have a draft that should be graded as an A.  Rarely does Polian make enough mistakes to draft a Gilbert Gardner or Sweet Pea Burns.  Last year the Colts had an unbelievable class.  They secured the interior line for years, got a pair of two quality tight ends, a future starting linebacker, a great pass rusher and maybe a great running back.  And that's not counting Eric Foster, an undrafted free agent who became a starter.  This year the draft is loaded with talent, more so than last year for sure.  If I could make a perfect draft (That's possible.  No Jason Smith, Aaron Curry and Michael Crabtree in rounds 1, 2 and 3), this would be it.

1st: The Colts have two needs that really stand out: Defensive tackle and wide receiver.  Luckily for the Colts, the draft is loaded at both of those positions.  After 26 picks, here are the first round-caliber players at each position that I could be left.

Wide Receiver

Kenny Britt
Hakeem Nicks
Brian Robiskie
Darrius Heyward-Bey
Percy Harvin

Defensive Tackle

Peria Jerry
Ziggy Hood
Fili Moala
Jarron Gilbert

Personally, I believe defensive tackle is the need that should be covered in round 1.  When it comes to fitting the system and filling a need, Hood and Jerry are left.  Both of positives and negatives.  Hood has the heart of a champion but didn't have the best production in college.  Jerry is quick and has good size but has durability issues.  When it comes down to it, Jerry is too perfect of a fit to pass up on at this point.  If the Bucs or Lions take him for some reason, then Hood is the pick, but for now Peria Jerry is the Colts first round pick in the dream mock draft.

2nd: So defensive tackle is covered for now.  That leaves wide receiver as the big need with running back and offensive tackle as the other ones.  However, this is where I believe BPA will come into play more.  A defensive back could be taken here if it is someone like Sean Smith or Darius Butler whose stock just plummeted.  Right now, the Colts have shown interest in a few second round picks who will be left.  Here are the players the Colts are interested in that I believe will be there when the Colts pick in the second round.

Derrick Williams/WR/Penn State
Cody Brown/DE/UConn
Phil Loadholt/OT/Oklahoma (could be available)

That's an offensive tackle, a defensive end and a wide receiver.  I think this pick should be easy.  Derrick Williams is the Colts second round pick in the dream mock draft.  He's a perfect slot receiver and returner.  That's two needs taken away in one pick.

3rd: This has always been the problem pick for Polian.  Hopefully Philip Wheeler broke the curse, but nothing is guaranteed.  This round could end up being great for the Colts but history has to make everyone worried.  Here are the prospects that should be left that the Colts like and/or I like.

Michael Hamlin/S/Clemson
Rashad Jennings/RB/Liberty
Andre Brown/RB/NC State
Alex Magee/DT/Purdue
Chip Vaughn/S/Wake Forest

I think many people, especially KingRichard, will like this pick.  The Colts need a power back, and if that power back had speed it would be all the better.  That's why Rashad Jennings is the Colts third round pick.  He's big, breaks tackles, can catch, can block and was productive (even if it was 1-AA).  An Addai-Hart-Jennings backfield with a hopefully healthy O-line can be unbelievable.

4th: There are two picks here and a lot of prospects for the Colts to go after.  Still no offensive lineman, linebacker or defensive back has been selected.  This should be a great round especially for the Colts who have shown interested in bunches of great players that will be available in round 4.  Here are the guys that the Colts like and/or I like.

David Bruton/S/Notre Dame
Zach Follett/OLB/Cal
Mitch King/DT/Iowa
Jason Williams/OLB/Western Illinois
Kory Sheets/RB/Purdue
Jason Phillips/MLB/TCU

I see the two prospects I like in here.  They may be my favorite and will help the defense big time.  The Colts need more help at linebacker and defensive line, so that means Mitch King and Jason Wiliams are the Colts fourth round picks.  Mitch King would be an amazing undertackle in the Tampa-2.  Playing behind Eric Foster would be a great learning experience for him.  Jason Williams is extremely fast and athletic.  Williams would give the Colts solid depth at linebacker.  Look at this.

Gary Brackett
Adam Seward

Clint Session
Tyjuan Hagler

Philip Wheeler
Jason Williams

That's not counting any UDFAs.  Williams may not be the perfect fit for Coyer, but he's too damn good and too damn perfect for the Tampa-2 to pass up right now.  Six linebackers who would be quality starters is something that shouldn't be taken for granted, especially on a team that has struggled against the run so much.

5th: This is where it gets harder to pick because of the number of players scouted and the obscurity of the players.  Here are some of the players I like that could and should be available.

Nate Davis/QB/Ball State
Terrance Taylor/DT/Michigan
Vance Walker/DT/Georgia Tech
Sammie Lee Hill/DT/Stillman
Louis Vasquez/OG/Texas Tech
Brandon Gibson/WR/Washington State
Joe Burnett/CB/Central Florida

This is actually really tough.  The two players I'm deciding from are Burnett and Davis.  On one hand, there is a local QB who is plummeting in stock and on the other hand there is a quick corner who would help out on special teams as well as defense.  However, when looking at depth, there is only one real option.  Nate Davis is the Colts fifth round choice.  Keep him as the third QB for a year to learn under Sorgi then have him become the backup.  Maybe then he can replace Peyton or just be a great backup.

6th: Last year it seems like this was just a Colts round.  Only one pick this year, but hopefully they can be successful in the sixth like they have in the past.  Here are my favorite prospects that will be left.

Chris Baker/DT/Hampton
Devin Moore/RB/Wyoming
Arian Foster/RB/Tennessee
Andrew Gardner/OT/Georgia Tech
DeAndre Levy/OLB/Wisconsin

I finally want to beef up the offensive line.  Ryan Diem, Tony Ugoh, Dan Federkeil, Michael Toudouze, Corey Hilliard.  Those are the offensive tackles with Charlie Johnson being able to play right tackle.  I think it's time for another.  I'll take Andrew Gardner to be the Colts sixth round pick.  At the beginning of the college football season, Gardner was projected to be a first day pick by some.  After the change to a triple option offense by Paul Johnson and a shoulder injury at the end of the year, his stock fell drastically.  It's definitely worth the risk to take him in the sixth round.

7th: Only one pick here.  That's a bummer.  I feel like there are a lot of good players left.  Hopefully they will go undrafted.  Here are all of the players that I like and some that could be undrafted.  This will be a long list.

Lonnie Harvey/DT/Morgan State
Josh Gaines/DE/Penn State
DeWayne Lewis/CB/Southern Utah
Russell Allen/OLB/San Diego State
Robby Felix/C/UTEP
Dan Skuta/DE/Grand Valley State
Dudley Guice/WR/Northwestern State
JaRon Harris/WR/South Dakota State
Brian Toal/OLB/Boston College
Jason Cook/FB/Ole Miss
Andy Schantz/OLB/Portland State
Diyral Biggs/DE/Bowling Green
JD Skolnitsky/DT/James Madison
Al Aflava/S/Oregon
Vaughn Martin/DT/Western (Canada)
PJ Hill/RB/Wisconsin
Sammy Stroughter/WR/Oregon State
Chris Miller/P/Ball State
Tyrell Sutton/RB/Northwestern
Darius Hill/TE/Ball State
Terrail Lambert/CB/Notre Dame (recognize!)
Marcus Thigpen/RB/Indiana
Anthony Kimble/RB/Stanford

So all of these guys have either been in contact with the Colts or are players that I like.  Almost all of them will be UDFAs, but there is one that I really want them to draft.  That's a big defensive end who has been a good run stopper.  Yes, I want Josh Gaines to be the Colts seventh round pick.  He's 275 pounds and has been a force in the running game.  He helped make Aaron Maybin into a first rounder.  Gaines wasn't invited to the Combine but is still a great player.  I think he could be a sleeper pick.  For the UDFAs, here are a few that I would love to see come to Terre Haute for training camp.

Terrail Lambert because he went to Notre Dame.
Darius Hill is a Bryan Fletcher type player and could make the roster.
Chris Miller would give Dragosavich competition for the punter position.
Brian Toal is a badass who gives 100% every time he steps on the field.  He's the Jamie Silva of linebackers.
Marcus Thigpen could be a great returner.
Dan Skuta is a small school prospect who could be a decent run stopper at UT or DE.
Vaughn Martin is massive and has drawn major interest from the Colts.  He's not finished with college football yet though.  In Canada, if he goes undrafted and doesn't sign a contract he can go back to school.  I want him to keep him away from San Diego and New England, two teams that may want him.
Al Aflava flav!
Lonnie Harvey is like Vaughn Martin except he's played against Americans and has more experience.  I'd take him in a heartbeat.

Also we should bring back Colin Ferrell (not the crappy actor).  I was a big fan of his.

My perfect draft consists of us taking two defensive tackles, a defensive end, a wide receiver, a running back, a quarterback, an offensive tackle and an offensive lineman.  That seems like a good day to me.