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Colts sign another offensive linemen Kyle DeVan and Brandon Jones

A few days ago, the Colts signed AFL offensive lineman named Kyle DeVan (Tip to LovinBlue). DeVan used to play for the Boise Burn, and spent some time on the NY Jets. Signings like this are typical. Bill Polian likes to bring in all kinds of linemen, especially prior to mini camps and training camps.

However, where this gets a little odd is that today Polian and the Colts signed another offensive lineman: OG Brandon Barnes, who spent part of last year on the Baltimore Ravens.

So, that's two interior offensive linemen signed less than a week for the NFL, and it is usually right after the draft that the Colts will sign several rookie free agents. Many of these free agents are often linemen.

So, what's with the signing spree?

I could get morbid and suggest that these signings do not bode well for Ryan Lilja, who missed all of last season (including camp) with injuries. If Lilja is healthy and all, why sign these interior players? And why sign them now?

Interesting, indeed.