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Stampede Blue on NFL Draft Day 2009

Tomorrow, the 2009 NFL Draft begins, and for the Colts, they enter their first draft post-Tony Dungy. And here at Stampede Blue, we will cover the NFL Draft from every which way we can think of.

The Draft starts at 4pm Eastern, and the Colts do not make their first pick until #27, which will likely be at or around 5:30-ish. However, all day long, we'll have open threads up discussing the top picks, potential trades, and late breaking news from the draft itself.

The last part is actually a really big deal because, really for the first time, SB Nation writers will be treated as press at the draft in New York. TheSportsGuru and JasonB will be live-blogging the draft from the press boxes at Radio City Music Hall. What they hear and see on the floor of the draft will get posted at Mocking The Draft and several other SB Nation blogs. We're really, REALLY excited about this as it is another "foot in the door" so to speak with the NFL.

Also, when the Colts make their picks tomorrow, we'll post images, YouTubes, scouting reports, and more on the players they take. We'll also have mgrex03 and Colts Homer offering end-of-the-day reviews of the Colts draft and their rvials' drafts, including the AFC South teams and the New England Patriots. We will then close the day with a late podcast featuring myself, shake n bake, and King Richard.

Look for a jam-packed day of draft goodness tomorrow at Stampede Blue. Thank GOD the Draft is finally here!

Oh, and for your pleasure, here is a hilarious video re-capping the futility of the NY Jets on Draft Day. No, I'm not posting it to knock the Jets. I'm posting it because it's friggin' funny. Enjoy!