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2009 NFL Draft Day One- Open Thread


Well, here we are boys and girls... the first truly big step towards the 2009 season. The NFL Draft is here, and if the NFL had anything close to a "religious holiday" on its calendar, that day would be today. The NFL Draft gets more interest from NFL fans than the Super Bowl. The reason? Simple, teams live and die by what they do today and tomorrow.

This will be the first of many open threads today. Remember, these threads auto-update. No need to refresh once you are in there commenting.

Today is also special because, for the first time, SB Nation writers will be treated as "press" at the draft in New York City. TheSportsGuru and JasonB are live at Radio City Music Hall, ready to feed yours truly any and all buzz they get from the draft floor. I'll be posting their news updates (which they are sending me through IM, phone calls, and other methods) both here and at Mocking The Draft. So, if any major news breaks, we'll be one of the first to hear and post it.

Also posting articles and other tidbits here on Stampede Blue are shake n bake, mgrex03, King Richard, and Colts Homer. In the meantime, chat away as we countdown to 4pm Eastern, and the start of the 2009 NFL Draft!

Go Colts!