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So, how 'bout that running game?!

So much for taking Hakeem Nicks, or Brian Robiskie, or ZIGGY FREAKIN HOOD.  And to the Addai apologists: I told you so.  This pick shows just how bad the running game was, and exactly how Polian feels about it; it sucked.  Everyone welcome, your newest Indianapolis Colt, DONALD BROWN!



Here's all the info on Donald Brown.

From Mocking the draft:

Donald Brown

5'10, 210 pounds | Connecticut | Running back

An early entrant after a breakout junior season, Browns is a strong runner who has good balance and lean. He's always moving forward and to find his pads not square to the line is rare. Has possibly the best stiff arm in this class. Uses power and quickness in his stiff arm to knock opponents backward. Bursts into and out of holes with good speed. Uses his agility to avoid a lot of hard contact. Smart. Knows how to set up his blockers. Decent as a pass catcher. Known as a player who gives a lot of effort in the weight and film rooms.

Weaknesses: Only above average speed and it takes him some time to get up to top speed. Struggled some as a pass blocker and needs to be coached up in this area Brown's build is only average, but there are questions about how much bigger he can get. Needs to learn how to carry the ball better because he leaves himself open to fumbles.

Final word: Brown had an incredible junior season, rushing for 2,083 yards and 21 touchdowns. That led him to leave early for the NFL after initially deciding to return for his senior year. Brown came up big in Connecticut's biggest games. Ran for 281 yards in the International Bowl as a junior. Named the 2008 Big East Offensive Player of the Year

Here's a little highlight video for you:

Donald Brown Vs Virginia (via santini35)

For those of you who don't understand this pick, or disagree with it, look no further than the 31st ranking the Colts held in rushing.  Yes, part of it was the o-line's fault, but a majority of it was the lack of running back talent, specifically in a one cut, north and south runner, like Donald Brown.  

This pick shows that Addai's days are numbered people.  He'll shortly be pushed back to be a 3rd down back as a receiving/blocking threat in obvious passing situations, which is where he excels at.

I understand most of you were wanting to see Ziggy Hood taken here since Jerry was gone, but like Polian said, if you don't grab the top-tier DTs in the first 15 picks or so, you might as well wait until later rounds.  And remember, he wasn't referring to UT's like Jerry and Hood, he was referring to NT's like B.J. Raji.

I was hoping and praying Polian would at least take Jennings in the second, but I couldn't be more happy with this pick.