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Arizona Cardinals finally cut Edgerrin James and Travis LaBoy

Less than two weeks after the mother of his children died of leukemia, the Arizona Cardinals finally granted Edgerrin James his wish and cut him. Of course, they did this after the 2009 NFL Draft, which saw them grab Beanie Wells in the first round. Why these spineless turds in 'Zona didn't grant Edge his wish while his longtime girlfriend was dying in a hospital bed, I don't know.

Yes, football is a business, but there was no business reason to keep Edge on the roster. They clearly didn't want him. Edge knew it, and wanted out. Why Arizona didn't want him, I don't know. Their offense was crap after they benched him in favor of rejects like JJ Arrington and Tim Hightower. When they re-inserted Edge into the starting lineup, they ran the table through the playoffs and played Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. Indeed, during the first half of the Super Bowl, Edge was the only Cardinal offensive player worth a damn.

But whatever. It's the Cardinals. They want to cut their best running back? Fine. They also parted with the defensive end they signed last year: Travis LaBoy. Last year the Cards signed LaBoy to a 5 year, $22 million dollar contract last year with $7.5 million guaranteed. LaBoy started 13 games in 2008, battling injuries all throughout the season. He had 31 tackles and 4 sacks in 2008, but apparently "did nothing" last year according to Cardinals fans.

You may recall that Indianapolis had a strong interest in LaBoy last year prior to him signing with Arizona. If he is healthy, the Colts might try and offer him something.

As far as Edge is concerned, he'll likely find a new team soon. I'm hopeful he lands in a place like New Orleans. He would provide what Reggie Bush doesn't: Toughness and intelligence.

Regardless of where Edge, LaBoy, and Rod Hood (also cut by the Cardinals) land, they should consider themselves fortunate. Arizona's success last year was a fluke. Cards fans might not like hearing that, but that is how things look. Their QB is old as dirt and throws stupid INTs during crucial plays. The fact that Kurt Warner and his fat ass were even considered for MVP was an insult to the collective intelligence of fans. Ken Whisenhunt is a spineless jerk, and their owner is still a cheap bastard. Just ask Anquan Boldin.

You'll have to excuse my venom towards the Cardinals. Edgerrin James is one of the best people this league has ever known, and to treat him like that (string him along) was classless on the part of the Cardinals. Yes, I know this is a business, but the Colts also work in this same business, and I've never seen them do this kind of crap to their players. And, unlike the Cardinals, the Colts have had a helluva lot more success. So yes, it's business, but that doesn't give Arizona a free pass to act like douchbags.