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With the 11th Pick in the 2009 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, Buffalo selects...


Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State

11. Buffalo Bills

Drafter: BlueVol03

Reasons for drafting: "There is a lot to like and dislike about picking 11th. The players available have some amazing potential but they also have slight "issues" that could keep them from being worthy of being picked this high. Realistically, the Bills would be thrilled with trading down and possibly landing Pettigrew, Michael Johnson, or Robert Ayers later in the 1st round. However, if the bills stick with the 11th pick, they could go several different ways. With that said, Aaron Maybin is a prospect that has something that no other defensive end on Buffalo ’s roster has, and that’s speed. Initially, there were questions about his size. He answered that at his Pro Day, weighing in at 253. He also ran his 40 yard dash in 4.59. Buffalo only managed 24 sacks last season with no player reaching the QB more than 4 times. Maybin should at least make it there 4 times and by picking him this early, the Bills are hoping he makes it there more often."


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The Broncos and mgrex03 are now on the clock. Note: mgrex03 made his select before the Cutler trade, which as thrown every community mock draft completely out of whack.