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Would you cut Addai and replace him with Edge?



In the wake of Edge being cut by the Cardinals, an interesting thought popped up in my head last night as I was driving to pick up my new set of golf clubs. Would I be ok with the Colts cutting Addai and in turn signing Edge as the 1b running back? My first thought, to the surprise of many here, was no, I wouldn't. But the more I thought about it, the more I started to lean towards this actually being a pretty good idea.

Edge isn't washed up by any means. All of the intangibles Addai possesses, Edge does too and then some. Edge is a better runner of the ball than Addai. Granted, Edge isn't as explosive (not that he ever was) as he used to be, but as he showed in the playoffs last season, he can still run the ball and be very effective when called upon. So I leave it up to you.