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3, 3+ round mocks

As Mocking Dan and Colts Homer work on their new mock drafts (expect out Sunday and Wednesday respectively) here's a look at the (traditional) first day picks mocked to Indy.

Walter Football

1. Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi

2. Juaquin Inglesias, WR, Oklahoma

3. Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty

4a. Tyronne Green, G, Auburn

4b. Micheal Hamlin, S/LB, Clemson

5. Nate Davis, QB, Ball State


Nitpicking: I'd prefer Loadholt to Inglesias with Robiskie and Williams off the board at WR and the knowledge that Jennings will make it all the way around to my 3rd rounder. Or instead I'd like a tackle in the 4th like Augustus Parish or Jason Watkins.


New Era Scouting

1. Peria Jerry

2. Derrick Williams, WR, Penn St.

3. Andre Brown, RB, NC St.


Nitpicking: the 1st and 3rd rounders are my ideal. I'm not big on Williams, but all the remaining guys I like are reaches for their 2nd rounder. Marcus Freeman (OLB, OSU), Gerald McRath (MLB, So. Miss), and Mitch King (DT/DE, Iowa) are my favorites that don't last another round.


Draft Tek

1. Donald Brown, RB, UConn

2. Sen'Derrick Marks, DT, Auburn

3. Cody Brown, OLB, UConn

4a. Jared Dillard, WR, Rice

4b. Jasper Brinkley, OLB, South Carolina

5. Cornelius Lewis, OT, Tenn St.

6. Domonique Johnson, CB, Jackson St.

7. Stephen Hodge, SS, TCU


Nitpicking: Hate the Donald Brown pick with Hood, Nicks, Mack, Barwin, Britt, Duke and Beatty on the board. Pick 2 sucks from the Donald Brown fallout. Loadholt, Rashad Jennings, Andre Brown and Mitch King are passed on for a second rate DT.