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Luke Links: Better late than never

  • Karlos Dansby doesn't even know if the Cardinals are working on a contract for him.
  • Larry Johnson must be on drugs or something because he actually did something smart for once.
  • The Bengals signed Tank Johnson to a one year deal.
  • The Bills gave Marcus Stroud a 2 year extension.
  • Florio claims there are some teams already interested in Plaxico.
  • The Jets possibly want a receiver really bad.  My question is, who is going to throw to him?
  • The Rams are open to trading the 2nd overall pick.
  • The Phins are interested in Rey Muahalgaghag.  Eh, I'm not too big on Rey. They need to work on their pass rush and corner.
  • Jay Cutler's agent claims that the rumor stating Cutler didn't want to play for the Browns and Mangini is false.  Suuuuuuuure.  Anyone who is actually willing to play for Mangina and the Brown stains is nuts.
  • The Falcons and Rams pull the ol' switcheroo with some draft picks in exchange for WR Laurent Robinson.
  • Can you say OVERPAID?  Because I can.  You are overpaid Kellen Winslow.
  • So that was weird.  The Ravens released Samari Rolle, and then turned around and signed him to a 4 year deal.  Whatever works I guess.
  • The Raiders signed Jeff Garcia.
  • Tommy Brady's crew likes shooting at photographers.  I love how all of the reports twist the title of their articles around as if it was Brady and Manface who were being shot at.
  • Shocker Alert: The Raiders may be interested in Ocho douchebag I suck really bad and don't make gold teeth look cool like Edge.
  • PFT claims Mohamed Massaquoi's stock is rising.  Possibly making him a 2nd round selection.  I don't see it happening.
  • MJD wants his money.
  • Matt Hasselbeck says he isn't going anywhere.
  • Kyle Orton and Chris Simms are going to compete for the starting job.
  • The Colts seem to be serious about taking a closer look at Ron Brace.
  • I officially hate Comcast.
  • Reggie Bush says the Saints want him to be the guy.
  • Coach Caldwell expects the special teams to be better.  Dear god I hope so.
  • Call off the hounds for now, BBS changed his pick over in the writer's mock draft.  I'm still not willing to forgive him because he changed his pick only because Dirty Sanchez wasn't available.  Tsk tsk.