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Colts re-sign LBer Tyjan Hagler

In a rather interesting move, the Colts have re-signed Tyjuan Hagler, who was once the Colts starting SAM backer before a silly weight lifting injury cost him his starting job. Hagler was a back-up last year at WILL, and seemed to play well when called upon. However, when Gary Brackett went down with a leg injury late in the 2008 season, rather than start Hagler at WILL or MIKE, they started Buster Davis. This move essentially benched a seemingly heathly Hagler (once a starter) for Davis (a back-up). 

Hagler lost his starting SAM spot to Clint Session in 2008, and with Session moving to WILL in 2009, Hagler will need to unseat second-year linebacker Philip Wheeler to regain his old job.

No details on the deal, but it smells of a vet minimum agreement.

With Hagler re-signed, the Colts go into the draft "ok" at linebacker depth. Still, don't be surprised to see one get drafted early. Tip to bluegirl and her ninja-like FanPosting skills.