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Yes my friends; I changed my pick in the SB Nation Writers Mock Draft

An interesting thing happened last week: A guy from Santa Claus, IN (not far from where I was born) was traded to the Chicago Bears in exchange for Chicago's first round pick, along with other picks. This move sent shock waves through the NFL, and left many a mock draft in shambles. Since I'm one of the editors at Mocking The Draft, I huddled with Mocking Dan and we decided we were going to allow writers to re-pick from #18 onward. We stripped Chicago of their first round pick (originally, WR Jeremy Maclin) and gave it to TheSportsGuru at Mile High Report. Then, over the past weekend, we allowed everyone to re-pick (if they wanted). Th deal was everything had to be settled by Sunday. Otherwise, Mocking Dan and I would need to make picks for people.

But the Cutler trade was not the only bit of news to rock MockDraft Land. The alleged reports of failed drug tests by certain college players scared off some of our writers from drafting them. Thus, when Minnesota was offered the chance to re-pick at #22, they (smartly) passed on Percy Harvin and picked USC QB Mark Sanchez. Personally, I think my write-up on Sanchez swayed Gonzo. Or, maybe he re-watched clips of his new veteran QB impersonating a helicopter last year.

As many of you know, Sanchez was who I picked at #27 for the Colts, pre-Cutler trade. With Sanchez gone this time around, my selection was pretty easy to make: DT Evander "Ziggy" Hood, DT, Missouri.

Now, I'm sure everyone here is as satisfied with the updated Hood pick as they were dissatisfied with the Sanchez one. One thing I made clear in my Sanchez write-up is that the Colts (and Bill Polian) do not pass up top talent when it simply falls into their lap. We saw this in 2001. Everyone screamed GET A DT! and Polian drafted some WR named Reggie Wayne. So, when a franchise-caliber QB falls all the way to #27, I guaran-friggin-tee you that Polian will draft him. You might not like it. You might not agree. Bill Polian really doesn't give a sh*t.

And sorry, but all the negative things I read people writing about Sanchez were just silly nonsense. I'm no USC fan. Far from it. But, after watching several USC games, looking at Sanchez's Combine numbers, and gauging impressions based on his workouts, the guy is going to be a top flight QB in this league provided he lands on a team with a good support system. Talented, young QBs only go as far as their coaches and organization allow them. It's no coincidence that busts like Tom Couch, David Carr, and Joey Harrington were drafted by bad organizations who employed incompetent coaches. Compare this with Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, and Eli Manning. Great QBs who were drafted by quality organizations who employed good coaches.

So, take a smart, gifted kid like Sanchez and place him in the Colts environment, and brother, you've got yourself yet another franchise QB wearing the blue shoe. You simply do not pass that up, not matter what DT is out there.

It's interesting in that what I saw after I made the Sanchez pick was most non-Colts fans really admired and liked the pick. From a Giants fan:

This has been the best pick in the Mock so far

however i think that there is absolutely no way he drops this far… Sanchez is a stud and this is a very Polian like move. Obviously with Jerry off the board there is no first round quality DT on the board that fits the Colts system. Very good call BigBlueShoe.

However, while some Colts fans saw merit in the pick, most absolutely hated it. From metal militia:

There is no way I would take Sanchez even if he were available. Take hood or one of the top receivers available, QB will be a need, but we can still wait at least another 2 or 3 years before we go after a top prospect.

In the end, everyone here was made happy. I got to select Evander "Ziggy" Hood. Mind you, in the real draft, I do not expect Sanchez or Hood to fall to Indy at pick #27. Both those guys will be gone in the top 15, easy. QBs and lineman are the building blocks of teams. Way too much emphasis is placed on WRs and RBs.

As of now, the SB Nation Writers Mock Draft is updated and soldiering ahead. We're in the second round, with Detroit making the 33rd pick. Now, I have to think about who I can take in round 2. With DT taken care of, maybe NOW you'd like it if I took a QB. Nate Davis, anyone?