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Quick shoutout to Stampede Blue reader bamock

When you get a second, peak to the right of your screen at the recommended FanPosts. Currently, there are four recommended FanPosts, and all of them are written by the same guy: bamrock.

Roughly one month ago, bamock started posting his FanPost series "You Decide," which matches up college players using scouting reports, stats, and YouTube clips. After showing all the information, he puts it to the reader to decide on who the Colts should draft.

These posts are some of the best stuff I've ever read on this or any other SB Nation blog, and I've read a lot. I'm singling him out because he's put an awful lot of time, energy, and effort into those posts, and as a result he has helped make this site richer and more informed.

I haven't written this in stone or anything, but articles like bamock's are what the FanPosts are for. The quick "Colts sign Adam Seward" or "Colts cut Marvin Harrison" stuff is best placed in the FanShots. Yes, people do indeed read the FanShots. And FanShots that break big news almost always get promoted to the front page. What I never promote to the front page are FanPosts that go something like this:

Colts sign Adam Seward.

No terms. Lalalalala. Have I made the character limit yet? Have I made the character limit yet? Have I made the character limit yet? Have I made the character limit yet? Have I made the character limit yet?

Now, I read comments in almost every article, and most of you write books in the comments. Our own monstersbox is almost legendary at this, especially in game threads. Many of these comments would make EXCELLENT FanPosts. Again, people like me, shake n bake, and mgrex03 read your stuff all the time. When we see great FanPosts, we are almost guaranteed to comment, pushing the discussion further. That's why we are here. If restaurants are all about location, location, location, blogs are ALL about discussion, discussion, discussion. Even FanPosts that are controversial (aka, anything about Joseph Addai, it seems) have their merit. It's nice to be rah-rah and all, but sometimes we, as a community, need to challenge and question our team. Are we really heading on the right track? Is the team declining or stocking up for another run?What should we be doing?

I read other SB Nation sites, and it drives me crazy that I don't see more criticism for the team and their decisions. We don't seem to have that problem here, but what I'd like to see is some of the great, thought-provoking comments I read get made into FanPosts or FanShots. We have 1,100 active members on this site, which is a HUGE record for us. I remember when I had, like, 5 back in 2006.