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Most underrated Colts

Oehser just put up a great post and even better discussion starter, the 5 most underrated players on the Colts roster.


His choices include 2 of our favorite whipping boys here (I agree with him on one's placement in the top 5, not so much on the other).


My picks?*

  1. Gary Brackett,  not so much to most Colts fans, but definitely to the NFL watching public. He’s been a Pro Bowl level performer for the last couple years, and excels in the toughest coverage assignment of any LB in the league. How many guys can handle playing in the heart of the run D, while being responsible for covering the deep middle 1/3rd of the field? The Chargers carving up the middle in the playoffs while Brackett was out showed how key he is.
  2. Raheem Brock, few guys can push an end with 50+ sacks and still in the prime of his career back into a specialist role. Bonus points for doing it while playing some DT too.
  3. Anthony Gonzalez, a lot of people don’t realize how amazing he was in limited time, he’s caught over 70% of the passes thrown to him while averaging 13.2 Yards per reception. Football Outsiders’ stats love him. He’s been top 15 in total value, and top 3 in per play value both of his years.
  4. Charlie Johnson, less a matter of him being all that great, more a matter of how much a lot of people think he sucks. CJ’s come a long way from where he was in ‘07.
  5. Matt Giordano the man caught Devin Hester from behind in the Superbowl. The "Hester turned off the jets" line is BS"  He was a yard or two too late, but he grabbed Hester before he scored the TD, then Hester fell forward into the endzone.  Gio is blazing fast, the story I’ve heard about his Pro Day was that the 4.5 40 time he ran was with one arm held at his side because of a torn pectoral. He’s a special teams beast and a very capable fill in, just ask Bo Scaife’s (lacerated) liver.

*=Addai omitted to prevent shitstorm.


What do you think of Oehser's picks and mine, and who are your top 5 underrated Colts?