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Luke Links

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  • Good news for Dolphins fans: The Phins just re-signed Jason fackin Taylor.  Woo!  This is also good for Patriots haters.  Taylor is a massive thorn in the Patriots' side and usually dominates them.
  • Ah jesus, that's just what T.O. needs, more cameras following his ugly mug around.  Get over yourself please.
  • Here's 10 reasons why the Jets are going to suck for a little while longer.
  • Austin Collie says being drafted by the Colts is a dream come true.  I like this guy more and more every minute.  I still think it's amazing that Polian was able to snag the most productive running back AND the most productive receiver in the same draft.  God damn I love Polian.  (changes pants)
  • Chris Johnson says he wants to become the MVP and leading rusher while making another pro-bowl and all kinds of other stuff.  Hate to break it to ya guy, but there's no way you are going to out produce AP.  He'll break the 2,000 yard mark twice before you do.  The thing you don't realize CJ, is you benefited heavily from a two back system.  Chester Taylor is nice and all in Minnesota, but AP is the man, period.
  • Mike Holmgren is pulling a Favre by stating he wants to coach again.
  • I never had a problem with Emmitt Smith until he got a job with ESPN.  The guy tried so hard to come off as a highly intelligent person, but failed miserably time after time.  Now I can't stand to listen to the guy talk, it's that bad.  To make matters worse, not only can he not speak well, he can't count either:  "So, Marion and Felix, I've only got one word of advice: Don't get hurt."  No Emmitt, that's actually 3 words of advice you tool.

Short and sweet today.