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Mike Florio is at it again, suggesting Caldwell is forcing Moore and Mudd out

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I generally like PFT because it's a good source of information.  Often times they break stories that most other news outlets wouldn't waste their time bringing up that I find interesting.  But every once in a while Mike Florio decides the site has turned stagnant with all this reporting stuff and has to start spouting off at the mouth with a bunch of nonsense.  The thing that boggles my mind is why is most of his rumor spreading generally directed at the Colts?  To this day no one knows why.

In his most recent diatribe, Florio started off on the right foot referencing Mike Chappell's article on the IndyStar website.  The Chappell piece is well written and makes makes me feel that both Moore and Mudd will indeed retire, especially when Bill Polian says something like this:

Team president Bill Polian declined an interview request from The Star to discuss the situation but told USA Today "I anticipate that they will retire."

Talk about a gut check.  I kept telling myself over and over that there's no way Moore and Mudd are retiring over something like this.  But the more I tried convincing myself, and the more I read up on it, the more I started to get those o' so familiar feelings that I had when Dungy retired and Harrison was on the verge of being cut.

But in typical Florio fashion he turns what could be a very interesting piece of journalism and turns it into a gigantic pit of feces.

So maybe they did so reluctantly.  And maybe they thereafter didn’t appreciate the fact that Caldwell ran off defensive coordinator Ron Meeks and special teams coordinator Russ Purnell.  And maybe the power Caldwell now holds has gotten to his head.  And then maybe the league’s decision to allow individual teams to opt out of the league-run pension plan gave Mudd and Moore cover for changing their minds while at the same time coming off as martyrs to the public — and as a couple of Norma Raes to their colleagues.

First off Florio, Caldwell didn't "run off" Ron Meeks.  Besides, the decision to let him go was as much Polian's as it was Caldwell's.  So blaming Caldwell solely for Meeks departure is just ignorant. 

Secondly, why the hell would Tom Moore and Howard Mudd give a crap about Ron Meeks leaving, let alone Russ Purnell, the worst special teams coach in the league?  It doesn't affect their job one bit.

Thirdly, now  you're just trying to blow smoke up everyone's ass because if you think Caldwell is power tripping by trying to shape HIS team how HE wants.  You're not only delusional, but you're an idiot.

There's nothing in your entire article that makes sense, let alone could constitute a logical reason for Moore and Mudd to retire, except for the problem involving the pension plans. 

I'll buy the fact that those guys were wanting to retire when Dungy left, and Polian or Irsay convinced them to stay, and that the pension thing pushed them over the top.  But to blame Caldwell for influencing Moore and Mudd's decision to retire is absurd, utterly absurd.

Bad Florio! Bad!