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Colts name Clyde Christensen new Offensive Coordinator, Peter Metzelaars new Offensive Line Coach... maybe

Lost in all the fury that was "Bob Kravitz Hates Blogs Day" was the big news that the Colts have officially named the replacements for now-retired assistants Tom Moore and Howard Mudd. And, in typical Colts fashion, there were few surprises.

[Editors Note: As it turns out, Clyde Christensen and Pete Metzelaars are not officially the new offensive coordinator and o-line coach, respectively. At least, not yet. --BBS]

Clyde Christensen, the Wide Receivers Coach since 2002 and recently named Assistant Head Coach, will now add a third title: Offensive Coordinator. Christensen came to Indy from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he spent 6 seasons. In his last season in Tampa Bay (which was also Tony Dungy's last season there), Christensen was the Offensive Coordinator.

Former Buffalo Bills TE Pete Metzelaars takes over Howard Mudd's job as Offensive Line Coach. Metzelaars has been the Assistant Offensive Line Coach for 5 seasons now, and over that time was groomed by Mudd to eventually replace him. Well, now the time has come.