Dear BBS and other Stampede Blue writers -

I don't need to know your name to like your website and appreciate your opinions and articles.

I just listened to your interview on 1070thefan (here) and thought you handled yourself WAY more professionally than Bob Kravitz. Skip Kravitz anyway. He's old-fashioned and must not understand what the internet is and what it's used for...

To be honest, my theory on all of this was blown to hell when I heard you are paid for what you do. Not that I feel you don't deserve it, because I know you work hard. I figured that was the most significant difference between a "Columnist" and a "Blogger," but I was wrong. If anything, the fact that he uses his name is just his way of making sure that once he gets fired from the Star he can use his resume and past articles to find himself a new job. He could care less about the Colts. Does he still care as much about the Browns as he used to when he wrote in Cleveland? That you don't use your name, but truly care about writing articles and posting links to news about something you care about, in my honest opinion, is a much more real reflection of yourself than an article that Kravitz has to write to keep a pay check coming in.

Also, I and most of readers here can probably agree that we could care less if you get to attend Press Conferences due to having "press credentials." It doesn't legitimize your ability to provide insight or generate discussion. Let's face it, the Colts are so highly secretive that it can't truly provide anything except the ability to reproduce the same story that is going to show up on (3 to 4 days later) a little sooner, but what insight does it really provide? Let's take Kravitz's complaint a step further. Is that jagoff expecting me to go get a journalism degree and work my way into a media that is dying (aka newspaper journalism) just for me, an active commenting blogger, to be taken seriously when giving my opinion in a comment or Fanpost??

And lastly, what is a name really other than just a way to represent, market and brand oneself?  I don't always pay attention initially to who wrote an article but may glance up after I read it. I could create a screen name close to my real name but it makes me no less or more of a person who is accountable for my words, actions or thoughts. On the other hand, I could change my legal name to my AOL screenname from 1996, but it doesn't serve any purpose other than telling other people how to address me. For that matter, just to piss him off, what's stopping those in the blogosphere from all changing our screen names to some iteration of Bob Kravitz (ie bkravtiz69, bobbinforkravtizes, etc.)?

He bit off more than he can chew and I hope it bites him in the ass. Thank you for what you all do and I appreciate your candor and accessability with us the fans of your site and as always....



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.