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New OC Clyde Christensen and the 2001 Bucs

The Colts new offensive coordinator has held the position before. In 2001 Christensen was promoted from QBs coach to Offensive Coordinator for Tony Dungy's Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Like Dungy, Christensen and the rest of that Bucs O have targets for the Bucs fans' frutrations, but how deserving is that blame?

Year Christensen DVOA Rank Points Rank
1995 Clemson Co-OC -12.6% 27th 238 29th
1996 TE Coach -20.2% 28th 221 30th
1997 TE Coach -4.1% 15th 299 23rd
1998 TE Coach -11.0% 21st 314 18th
1999 QB Coach -17.3% 21st 270 27th
2000 QB Coach 3.0% 12th 388 6th
2001 O Coordinator -2.8% 12th 324 15th
2002 In Indy -2.5% 21st 346 18th
2003 In Indy -4.5% 17th 301 18th
2004 In Indy -5.8% 22nd 301 23rd


Out of the decade surronding Christensen's time with the Bucs the Christensen Coordinated Bucs O was top 3 in DVOA and Points Scored and top 2 in league rank in both DVOA and Points. His offense wasn't a standout in the league, but for the Bucs, it was a very good offense.

Two other comparisons to roughly gauge style

1999-2000 2001 2002-2003
Pass/Run 47-53 59-41 58-42
Yards/Completion 10.0 10.0 10.6


Christensen's O marked a dramatic shift in playcalling, with the pass going from less than half the plays to nearly 60%. Though he favored the pass Christensen's O didn't attack deep any more so than the previous, run heavy Bucs Os (for comparison last year's Colts averaged 10.6 Y/C).

Christensen's previous stint running an offense suggests he's a better offensive coach than most of what Tampa had before and after him, and that he likes to throw the ball often, but not particularly deep (or not deep particularly often).