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Who does what at Stampede Blue?

Bob Kravitz's annoyance with web names aside, I thought that following last Friday's KRAVITZ RAGE! it would be a good time to re-establish what everyone at Stampede Blue does. Just as newspapers have beat writers, columnists, editors, and layout staff, we bloggers have our own writing duties organized and divvied up. Contrary to popular belief, running a serious blog is not easy, especially when other writers are involved with their own unique ideas. Sometimes, unique ideas combined with strong personalities can create rather combustible debates.

Read some of the comments and you'll know what I mean.

Each writer has his own area that he focuses on. We don't just write about the Colts here, though they are our main focus. We right about the NFL in general as well, because pretty much anything that happens in the NFL affects the Colts. Some of us have a rather serious style when blogging the Colts; others a more passionate, in-your-friggin-face style. And, of course, some of us are goof balls who enjoy posting PWNED pictures and making fun of stuff.

And yes, all of them write under "weenie" blog names. All that said, here are the Stampede Blue writing staff:



BigBlueShoe: The head writer and Editor-In-Chief. BBS is the person who is ultimately responsible for all the blog's content. He writes most of the blog articles, edits some of the contributing writer articles, and works the most closely with the Colts, SB Nation, and SB Nation's partners.He is pretty universally despised by fans of rival teams in the AFC South. He enjoys using the words "schmuck" and friggin" in many of his articles.

  • Editor-In-Chief
  • Team analysis pre and post game
  • Conducts interviews with players, coaches, and media
  • Controls all site content
  • Hated by Jaguars, Titans, and Texans fans
  • Fan of words "schmuck" and "friggin"

shake n bake: One of two site editors. Our man shake n bake helps edit site content while also retaining duties as a regular blog writer. He also covers much of the Football Outsider's DVOA statistics involving the Colts and other teams. Unlike BBS, shake n bake is not as hated by Texans, Titans, and Jaguars fans. Unlike BBS, shake n bake is a bit more calm and rational when dealing with fans of opposing teams.

  • Site editor
  • DVOA stats expert
  • Respected by Jaguars, Titans, and Texans fans

MasterRWayne: The second site editor, MRW is more of a traditional editor in that his job involves reading the blog and monitoring content as it comes in. He will occasionally write articles, but often is more involved in posting comments, reviewing articles and FanPosts, and overseeing the overall quality of the site. He hates all things from Purdue University (aka, he's one of those crazy IU grads).

  • Site editor
  • Hates Purdue University
  • Cries in his pillow every night when he thinks of how Kelvin Sampson destroyed his beloved IU Hoosiers.


JakeTheSnake: Pretty much the resident clown and yuckster, JakeTheSnake enjoys making fun of Colts players, coaches, and pretty much anything that exists in our known universe. When JakeTheSnake is not making fart jokes, he is the main blogger over at Bullets Forever, SB Nation's Washington Wizards blog. JakeTheSnake will return to writing his weekly "Know Your Colts History" series very soon.

  • Resident funny man
  • Expert on Baltimore and Indianapolis Colts history
  • Anything involving Jim Mora makes him laugh

mgrex03: While shake n bake covers a lot of DVOA stuff, mgrex03 deals with all the other statistics, both official and unofficial. He also does a lot of work with our community fantasy football teams and organizes contests and other games involving stats. When he isn't drowning in numbers, he drowns his sorrows in whiskey while he watches his beloved Fighting Irish die slowly under the reign of head coach Charlie Weis.

  • Statistics expert
  • Fantasy football expert
  • Bleeds Irish green and gold


KingRichard: One of two writing fellows Stampede Blue brings on board for a one-year stint as a contributing writer. KingRichard has a tendency to shun stats and focus more on "gut reactions" to events that shape the Colts. He posts his colorful link articles called "Luke Links" twice a week, and it often seen responding to many a comment in a FanPost or article. KingRichard is well-known for his very passionate stance on Colts-related issues. Oh, and he hates New England. I mean, he really, REALLY hates that team.

  • "Luke Links" writer
  • Known for passionate, in-your-friggin-face style of writing
  • Absolutely detests the New England Patriots

Colts Homer: The second writing fellow, Colts Homer does a lot of work on the NFL Draft and the players the Colts select. Throughout the year, he follows those players as they get acclimated into the team. He did several articles leading up to Draft Day on various players. He also focuses on the team's overall depth chart, assessing which players are suited to start, sit, or play situational roles.

  • Focuses on NFL Draft
  • Follows and monitors progress for Colts rookies
  • Evaluates depth chart

So, there you have it, folks. That is what we do. As always, if there is something we don't do here that you think hurts our ability to cover the team and the NFL, shoot me an email and let me know.